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Roche Diagnostics

PT. Roche Indonesia is an affiliate of the Roche Group, a healthcare company headquartered in Basel, Switzerland. Roche Indonesia has more than 650 employees who are experts in their fields. Operating since 1972, Roche Indonesia focuses on efforts to improve the quality of public health, through the provision of innovative medicinal products, access therapy programs for patients, capacity building programs, and public education.

Donor Screening – Serology Solutions

intended for professional use only

Bringing safety, reliability and efficiency to donor screening

Roche Diagnostics serology assays and instruments can be used to perform a broad range of immunoassays and offer various options to suit your throughput needs. Roche Elecsys® assays include highly specific and sensitive serology tests to detect infectious diseases. The test is based on ECL (ElectroChemiLuminescence) technology and delivers reliable results. All serology screening assays detect the major viral genotypes and variants found worldwide. They show very high seroconversion sensitivity, and their very high specificity and clear cut-off separation of positive and negative results reduces the need for retesting.

Ensuring patient safety during blood transfusions.

Improving efficiency by automating screening test.

Supporting a consistent and reliable blood supply.

Donor Screening - Nucleic Acid Testing (NAT)

intended for professional use only

Roche NAT instruments, assays and reagents have been developed using the gold standard real-time Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR ) technology, a very sensitive and high-performing technology that detects DNA and RNA molecules of infectious agents such as HIV, HCV and HBV at an early stage of an infection.

Easily integrated into pre- and post-analytic solutions they enable donor screening facilities to fully automate operations, boost throughput and achieve quicker turnaround times – leading to greater overall workflow efficiency.



Reliability in results

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