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The Cool Ice Box Company

We are so good that we design our own!

If you are looking for a reliable, high quality, durable and intelligent design then our Nomad Cooler range will meet your every need.

Designed and purpose built to provide maximum cooling efficiency the Nomad Coolers can keep your contents cold for up to 10 day without power!

We  provide our own Nomad Coolers specifically designed and engineered for medical transportation and where constant and stable temperature demands are at their highest in the world.

With our industry leading design and our durable and long lasting performance choose Nomad.

Nomad Medical Cooler 28L

Non Powered 28L Medical Cooler, ideal for transportation of medicines, Vaccines.

  • Internal Temperature Probe
  • External LED temperature display Foil insert 
  • Holds temperature inside between 2 & 8 degrees for up to 32 hours
  • Rigid Carrying handle
  • Webbing adjustable shoulder strap
  • Covered Bung Non slip feet
  • Covered panel for inserting a Data Logger that will keep it safe and secure in transit.

Nomad VPU2-586

Unique cutting edge vacuum/PU insulation Technology, developed and Patented.

  • Offers the medical and food cold chain industries critical protection and thermal stability.
  • VPU2-586 can hold temperature sensitive products, between +2˚C and +8˚C for about 60 hours in an ambient temperature of 35˚C.
  • A large range of PCM Refrigerant options are available to meet cold life and holding temperatures required by the Customer.

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